Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fully Indexed PDF Files of The Christian’s Reasonable Service!

I recently was contacted by Buks van Ellewee, a software engineer, who wrote the following:

I have fully indexed the four pdf files of “The Christian’s Reasonable Service.” This makes them much more accessible and easy to use. When you open one of the indexed pdf’s in e.g. Adobe Reader, you will notice a little bookmark (ribbon like) symbol at the top of the left hand margin. Clicking the bookmark symbol now opens a table of contents listing the chapters in the open volume. Clicking on a chapter will take you straight to the start of the selected chapter. It just makes the text a little more accessible for quick referencing.

Needless to say, I am delighted that, with Buks’ permission, I can now make these indexed files available to you. You will find these files when you click on the button “à Brakel’s Magnum Opus.” (Upon opening the file, you also need to open the Adobe Reader Toolbar. Once the toolbar appears on the left side of the document, you will see the bookmark symbol.)

A very heartfelt thank you, therefore, to Buks van Ellewee for having taken the time to do this for us, and for his willingness to make these files available to us!

Also, you will now find a major entry about à Brakel in Wikipedia.

May God continue to bless you as you pursue the writings of Wilhelmus à Brakel—a remarkable man of God upon whose writings the stamp of God’s approval continues to rest.

Bartel Elshout