Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Additional Testimonials and Two Excellent New Articles

Under the rubric “Testimonials” you will find endorsements by three well-known Reformed scholars: Dr. J. V. Fesko, Dr. Richard Muller, and Dr. Derek Thomas. I have also posted two excellent new scholarly articles in which the authors explore various themes in The Christian’s Reasonable Service. The first article is written by Jonathan Holdt, a Th. M. student at PRTS, and is entitled A Brakel’s Use of Doctrine in Calling Sinners to Repentance and Faith. In this article he effectively argues that à Brakel avails himself of every opportunity to exhort his readers to repentance and faith, thereby highlighting one of the unique features of The Christian’s Reasonable Service. The second article is written by Lydia Kim-van Daalen, a student of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and is entitled à Brakel’s Spirituality of Virtues and its Implications for Soul Care. In this article she ably demonstrates that useful lessons for pastoral care can be extracted from à Brakel’s masterful treatment of Christian virtues. Both articles will enable you to taste the rich flavor of à Brakel’s experiential theology.

-- Bartel Elshout


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