Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Article Posted & Digital Version of the Original Dutch Version of The Christian’s Reasonable Service

I have received and posted an interesting article by Mark du Preez, entitled Second Reformation Theology and the Question of Legitimacy: Calvin and À Brakel Compared. Mark wrote this paper for a course taught by Rev. C. Pronk of the Free Reformed Churches.

Mark Du Preez also forwarded a link to me to a Dutch web-site that posts a digital copy of the entire Dutch version of The Christian’s Reasonable Service (De Redelijke Godsdienst). Click here to access this version.

Furthermore, I want to introduce you to the blog of Joseph P. Grigoletti from Quebec. Joseph recently acquired the four-volume set of The Christian’s Reasonable Service from Reformation Heritage Books, and has committed himself to blog on a regular basis about his readings in this work. Click here to visit his blog.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to Dr. Joel Beeke’s recommendation of the scholarly paper by Dr. Richard A. Muller, entitled The Covenant of Works and the Stability of Divine Law in Seventeenth Century Reformed Orthodoxy: A Study in the Theology of Herman Witsius and Wilhelmus à Brakel. Dr. Beeke writes, “Dr. Muller's article not only elucidates with clarity the views of two of the most famous Dutch Further Reformation divines, Herman Witsius and Wilhelmus a Brakel, on the covenant of works, but also shows how critical the covenant of works is for the whole field of covenant theology. That note needs to be sounded today when so many who claim the mantel of being Reformed, have relegated the covenant of works to the dustbin of outdated orthodox scholastic theology. Muller ably shows us how misconceived those theologians are who deny any form of pre-fall covenant.”